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Interviewing Tips:

  • Interview Preparation

    Always remember, preparation always pays off. Both the face-to-face and phone interviews are equally important and deal-killer at the same time. There is a general misconception that phone interviews are less formal than face-to-face interviews, but in fact that is what lands you an opportunity for a face to face meeting.

    The critical aspect of any phone interview is your phone etiquettes and your verbal skills. Before you walk into any interview, you can guess in advance what certain questions will be, and you can have on-target and well rehearsed answers for the same. You should be a good listener; the rule of the thumb for this is an 80/20 balance. You should never give an impression to the interviewer that you are trying to interrupt, or showing some sort of attitude.

    Interviewers, generally feel very uncomfortable if the applicant starts talking about the salary, perks, office hours etc. After either interview (phone or the face-to-face) one should always make it a point to send a thank you note to the interviewer within 24 hours of the interview which leaves a mark about your professionalism and always follow-up at regular intervals. The basic idea is to go an extra mile in order to get the things done in the right manner.

    If possible, you should check out the company website and fill yourself in with the information on what they do and what space they belong to. Go and visit their press/news room section to grab more information.

    Make sure that you ask the interviewer any additional information that you could not find online on their site.

  • Topics to be discussed with the interviewer.
  • Important Interview Questions to Expect
  • Must Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing
  • Closing the Interview
  • Follow Up