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Career Tools section is an essential and important part of Talent-Sketch which provides its users the most relevant career coaching information required to make sound career advancement decisions. We have the following sub-sections in our career tools section:


Talent-Sketch offers career coaching articles under this section and these articles have been authored by renowned and seasoned writers in this field. This section is being updated on regular basis to offer you the best articles. Trust me excellent viewing experience is guaranteed.

Career Articles


Talent-Sketch has tried to provide a solution for jobseekers (especially the fresh-out-of-college candidates) by helping them in creating a professional resume and cover letter. A good resume helps you in putting your first step forward towards your job hunt. If due consideration is not given in preparing one; it might delay in landing you your dream job. Talent-Sketch has two types of solutions for you; you can get a professional help in getting your resume made with the help of a resume building professional or can give it a try on your own by using our most effective resume building tips. Accordingly, this section has been divided into two sub sections as follows:

Resume/Cover Letter Service
Ingredients of a Good Resume


As a second big help in landing you your first dream job; Talent-Sketch extends relevant assistance in preparing you for your interview. Here we follow a two prong approach, as a first step, we concentrate on what sort of questions you should work on to prepare yourself (Interview Question Bank) in order to handle the interview board appropriately and secondly what questions you should be asking from the interviewer. Apart from this, we have also provided basic Do’s and Don’ts (Interviewing Tips) of appearing in an interview. Both these sections are here for you to explore:

Interviewing Tips
Interview Question Bank


Talent-Sketch has offered this section both for Jobseekers as well as Hiring Managers/Headhunters. This section provides information on latest books on subjects related to Recruitment, Human Resources and Career Coaching. Talent-Sketch has provided a small synopsis of each and every book along with the name of the author. Such books act as a guiding spirit to everyone in their respective field and Talent-Sketch always keep this list updated. Talent-Sketch wishes you all a happy reading with a hope that you will benefit from our vast and eclectic database of books.