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Interview Question Bank:

  • What is your greatest strength, what is the major value add you think you can bring to the table?

  • What is your greatest weakness?

  • What sets you apart from your peers?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • What has been your best or most creative achievement at work?

  • What major job responsibilities were you handling?

  • What was the best part you liked about your job?

  • Why you think you were the most valuable for the company?

  • How you relate yourself to overall goal achievement of the department/company?

  • How would you rate your relationship with your manager?

  • Did you manager played a vital role in your success?

  • Do you think you need to work on certain areas of your skill set? Explain how?

  • How will you cope up with the changing needs of your company? Can you handle it and how?

  • What is your training style, do the people you train make lots of mistakes?

  • Do you believe in delegation? What do you think are the advantages of delegation?

  • Did you like your boss's mentoring style? Was it helpful?

  • Have you managed a team? If yes, then do you believe in expect more than you inspect, why?

  • Do you feel comfortable talking to 'C' and 'V' level people? Pl. give an example.

  • What is your aim in life and how successful you think you are so far in your goal?

  • How do you rank yourself among other Sales executives in terms of productivity?